Who are we?

We are a sheer Czech family company based in Olomouc, where we also have a logistics park. We run business affiliates in Teplice v Čechách and in Náchod. Through our network of regional business managers we provide our services all over the Czech Republic.

We offer

  • Wide range of products, personnel and industrial hygiene
  • our own line of high quality products manufactured and delivered under the private label ARIOSO®
  • wipe system for cleaning in workplaces, including clean rooms (Cleanroom)
  • work chairs and anti-fatique mats
  • concept of professional scent in public and private areas
  • personal protection equipment (gloves, caps, eyeglasses ...)
  • cash desk and hotel systems
  • cleaners and disinfectants
  • sanitary systems and fixtures and fittings
  • work chairs service
  • advisory and consulting activities in the areas of hygiene, tyding-up and cleaning
  • deliveries of goods all over the Czech and Slovak Republic, if necessary within 24 hours