Viscoelastic PUR foam

The cut of polyuerethane seat with plywood
Seats are stiffened with eight-layer beech plywood


  • Viscoelastic polyurethane foam is a unique product of the German company WERKSITZ
  • Integral foam with termo-sensitive properties is developed that way so that it perfectly adapts to the shape of a body under the influence of the body heat.
  • Polyurethane integral foam is formed by chemical reaction between polyol and diisocyanate. Under optimal conditions a solid layer (thick about 1-2 mm) arises on the surface of the molded form which shows a very good mechanical resistance. There is a flexible foam core with cellulose structure inside the molded form.

Features and benefits of Visco-PUR foam:

  • Meets the highest demands for healthy sitting
  • Shows high flexibility relative to body heat
  • Perfectly adapts to the shape of the body
  • Helps optimal blood circulation
  • Provides comfortable sitting